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Farm Safety

Farming traditions run deep in the state of Wisconsin. Rural Mutual has been protecting farms across the state for over 80 years. We also believe in protecting the families and children in our farming communities. Together we can keep Wisconsin strong and safe.

Farm Safety Resources by Category


ATV riding is not child’s play. Make sure your children are riding them safely and responsibly on the farm.
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animal-handlingAnimal Handling

Horses and cows are vastly different than cats and dogs. Teach your children how to respect all farm animals.
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crop-storageCrop Storage & Handling

Storage of grain can present dangers to everyone on the farm. Educate your family on the safety guidelines.
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farm-mchineryFarm Machinery

Machinery can be dangerous for even responsible adults. Take precautions to assure your children are safe.
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hazardous-materialsHazardous Materials

Chemicals pose severe health risks, if not properly stored and handled. Protect your family from danger.
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A tractor can weigh over 10,000 pounds. Know the risks before introducing your children to one.
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Bringing tourists to your farm is great for the farming industry. Keep yourself and your visitors safe.
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confined-spacesConfined Spaces

Confined spaces are easy places for curious children to find danger. Identify and prevent the hazards.
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farm-buildingsFarm Buildings & Shops

Do you know all the hazards in the various buildings on your farm? Identify them to prevent danger.
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fire-safetyFire Safety

The first step to fire safety is preventing the fire. Educate yourself and your children to protect your livelihood.
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safe-play-areasSafe Play Areas

Farms are sprawling and full of hazards for small children. Provide them with a safe place to play.
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