Personal Auto Insurance

Personal Auto (Including Motorcycles)

We will help you determine what is required in Wisconsin and the auto insurance coverage levels you need.


This protects you from the injury or death of another driver or passenger from an auto accident if you are determined to be at fault. Some of the things you may be liable for include:

  • Their medical expenses
  • Their lost wages
  • Damages for their pain and suffering
  • Damage to their vehicle
  • Damage to buildings or other property

Why you need it:
It’s the law in Wisconsin. Damages in an accident could be hundreds of thousands of dollars. If damages exceed the amount for which you’re insured, you could be left with a personal exposure where the victim can legally pursue you or your assets for reimbursement.


Covers damages to your insured auto that results from a collision with another object which could include things like:

  • Another car
  • A tree
  • A building

Why you might want it:
It helps protect you from large repair bills and if your car is damaged beyond repair, you can recover the actual cash value of your vehicle, minus your deductible.

Comprehensive (other than collision)

Helps pay for damage to your car not caused by a collision—things like:

  • Falling objects
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Deer
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Explosion
  • Flood

Why you might want it:
It helps protect you from large repair bills and if your car is damaged beyond repair, you can recover the actual cash value minus your deductible.

Optional Coverages at no cost

Pet Medical payments up to $500 if your pet is injured in a collision
Transportation expense

Discounts Available

Multi Policy
• A 10% credit applies to a Private Passenger Auto policy if there is an in force home/condo/renters policy with Rural Mutual. Additional discounts are available with in force farm, country estate or business insurance with Rural Mutual.

Multi Vehicle
• All vehicles owned by the named insured must be written on the same policy. The discount will also apply if the customer has private passenger type vehicles or pickup trucks (less than 10,000 lbs) insured under a Rural Mutual Business Auto Policy (BAP).

Good Student
• Eligibility – the following requirements apply:
a. Must be full-time student attending high school or full-time student of a college, university or technical training school (12 or more credits).
b. Must be age 16 through 24 single or married male, or a 16 through 24 single female. The married female does not qualify because she is considered in the adult class table.
c. Must have at least one of the following scholastic records:
i. Have a grade average of “B” or its equivalent; or if the letter grading system does not provide an average, no grade may be below “B”.
ii. Have at least 3.0 points on all subjects combined in schools using numerical grade points of 4.0, 3.0, 2.0 and 1.0;

iii. Must be attained in the immediately preceding semester/quarter.

Claim Free

  • No claims for 3 consecutive years qualify for a 5% discount.
  • No claims for 6 consecutive years qualify for a 10% discount.
  • All glass, towing and rental claims will be exempt.

Additional Coverage & Services Available:

This information is intended to highlight the features of Rural Mutual’s Personal and Business Auto insurance programs. For a detailed description of exact coverages, limitations, conditions and exclusions please refer to the policy itself and any endorsements.

To learn more about available Personal and Business Auto insurance coverage or to get a quote, contact a Rural Mutual agent.