Cyber Liability

Experts say it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN you will experience a data breach.

Rural Mutual has partnered with CyberScout, formerly named IDT911, to provide you with proactive, comprehensive data breach protection and remediation services that help you and your customers from inadvertent data exposures and identity theft.

What is a data breach?

A data breach is an incident resulting in the unauthorized disclosure or potential exposure of sensitive, protected data. The most common breach scenarios include:

  1. Lost or stolen laptops and storage devices.
  2. Accidentally mailing or emailing privacy data to the wrong person.
  3. Improper document or office equipment disposal.
  4. Unintended posting or sharing of sensitive data.
  5. Data exposure caused by a third-party vendor.

Lost data may involve personally identifiable information (PII), such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, bank accounts, and personal health information (PHI).

Proactive breach preparation services

You’ll gain access to a secure, breach response website with valuable resources designed to help you and your customers defend against inadvertent data exposure, theft or loss. Our tools can help reveal areas of concern and identify relevant best practices to ensure you and your customers are well-informed on avoiding a potential data breach incident, and the appropriate response if it occurs. Resources include:

  • Incident response and information security plan templates
  • Educational resources on risk awareness and reduction
  • Notification laws and regulations
  • Access to security specialists who answer your questions

Breach responsive services

Rural Mutual and IDT911 have a single point of contact to help you and your customer coordinate all response efforts, ensuring continuity of service. You’ll receive full-service delivery of fast, expert remediation:

  • Breach Counseling – helps determine if a breach has occurred and assess its severity
  • Crisis Management – is a time-saving professional service that helps you handle a breach
  • Notification Assistance – helps draft the communication that notifies your customers
  • Remediation Services – provides recommendations on services to assist impacted individuals
  • Media Relations Assistance – public relations assistance to help restore your reputation
  • Legal Support – documents remediation steps provided and completed

CLICK HERE to learn more about data breach protection through Rural Mutual and IDT911. To request a quote, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL RURAL MUTUAL AGENT.